This is the story of how I had my shack totally re-designed while I was away on my first DX-pedition to Tiree AND may I say without my knowledge plans had aparently been going on for weeks
Pensnett Amateur Radio Operator Charged with Cruelty

A Pensnett Amateur Radio Operator whose name and call sign have been withheld has been charged with two counts of cruelty to vermine.
The charges were brought after evidence came to light of rats nests being made from live electrical cables behind the workbenches of his radio shack.
The nests had been hidden by placing sheets of hardboard infront of them. At the hearing the defendant was asked if he had any comment to make about the allegations and replied to the judge "out of sight out of mind seems about right to me".

Because of the severity of the cruelty the judge ordered that Bob the Builder along with a shack makeover team should be called in immediately to correct the problem.
To this the defendant pleaded for the order to be held over for two weeks while he went to Tiree on a DX-pedition with some of his friends.

Refusing the request the judge said " it is a poor show that you can think about going on a jolly with such cruelty to be sorted out".

An order was made for Bob the Builder and his shack makeover team to move in and carry out all neccessary work on 12th of September 2012.

So I went away on my jollies and this is what happened while I was away !!
The shack before the re vamp
Out with the old
A lick of paint
New storage and flooring
New worksurfaces. note the dropdown section under the window so I can still get to clean the window. DAMMIT they thought of everything
All new electrics, more storage and some nice stripes
some new carpet
Just for a finishing touch this is what i came home to.....

in the hall-way right opposite the front door a crafty message
and on the shack door.......
radios back ready to use