It was or so I thought a perfectly normal Tuesday morning just before Christmas. NOT SO!! once again i had been kippered by my station manager and Bob the Builder. I had for some time been complaining about my computer, it was getting old and no longer had the speed needed for some of the software i was using, and as is the norm for me it was more thought than action about replacing it.

As we usually did on a Tuesday after doing the shopping we went to visit Bob the Builder during his lunch break for a cuppa and a jam doughnut. Whilst we were eating said doughnuts Bob the Builder sugested that I went into his classroom and have a look what was on one of the workbenches.
All i could see was a pile of boxes which had no meaning to me so I returned to where Bob the Builder and station manager were sitting.....
......then station manager announced that I was about to build myself a new computer. I looked at them both with horror no no no way am i doing that i replied.

Well said station manager its up to you but everything thats needed is there AND its your Christmas present so you had better get on with it!!
Ah well best get to it then...... in goes the motherboard
then the power supply
next was the hard drive and the video card
connecting up the cables
finally as they say at nasa GO FOR POWER-UP               a few seconds and................ IT WORKS!!!!!!!