TIREE 2014

After the success of the prevoius DXpedition to Tiree
it was decided to return to Tiree.
Once again the van – cottage – and ferry were booked .

This visit coincided with the “WPX” contest so a decision was made to enter

On our arrival all the gear was unpacked and masts set up ,antennas were built and fitted .
The small extention on the cottage was cleared of all the furniture and the shack was set up.

During the course of a successful week over 10,000 QSO's were made with 153 countries
the “WPX” contest proved a great success with the group coming :-
1st in Scotland
16th in Europe and
29th in the world in our section
the contest operators were :-
Simon - M0VKY
Terry – G4MKP
James – M0YOM

The equipment consisted of
Yaesu FT 5000
Elecraft K3
2x Acom amplifers

2 masts and two Tri band antennas for 10 / 15 / 20 mtrs
2 verticals for 17 / 40 mtrs