2010 …................. the scene is set !!!

sitting around the table on a radio club natter nite the talk got around to DX peditions – the chance remark “why dont we do one ? “ was thrown out
this then started a serious discussion,the outcome of which …. it was decided to go to the isle of skye. Over the next few months a van and ferries were booked, antennas were built and tested mast assemblies were tested and all items packed away.
Menu's were sorted and non perishable goods purchased as we had booked a self catering cottage.

After a long days travel.......... the cottage was reached , van unpacked and ready to go.
The antennas were set up in the adjacent paddock and the main lounge used as our shack
all in all we had a very good week playing radio and we learnt an awful lot about the trials and tribulation
of setting out to do what was only a small DXpedition

the equipment used were
two Yaesu FT 1000 MP'S (for HF)
and an Icom 275H for (VHF)

the antennas were a
three element Yagi (for 10 / 15 / 20 mtrs)
17 mtr vertical with 1.2 kilometers of ground radials laid around it
also a 40 mtr vertical with roughly the same amount of radials

The Group

From left to right


Drew G7DMO

Simon M0VKY

Graham 2E0VPT