“ bri ….. the big fights on early tomorrow
take the accumulator over to Hadens and get it charged”

these were my grandads words one afternoon on my
return from school. Grandad was a big boxing fan and
always listened to the World Title Fights from the USA
on the “Short Wave” as he called it

this was my unlikely introduction to radio
as I was fascinated by how you could hear this from the USA
(ps. Made me a boxing fan as well !!)
next step was playing around making crystal sets etc.

being the early 1950's there was plenty of ex M.O.D gear to be had .
A school friend and I obtained a pair of No.18 wireless sets
and played with them for a while.
Then work... beer.... and females came to the fore
and my interest in radio waned .

In the 1970's myself and a couple of workmates got interested in CB.
I discovered SSB and spent a fair time DX-ing
(all illegal I might add)
one of our group suggested trying for the RAE
and the rest is history

I passed the RAE in 1981
and then the morse test in 1987

  my station consists of a
             Yaesu FT 1000 MP                          Yaesu FT 950                  Icom IC-275 H              Acom 1000 Linear

also a 12 metre mast, and the antenna is the Cushcraft MA5B mini beam
I also have a varied selection of Motorola equipment which can be seen on my Motorola page